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Say What You See: Comedy Movies

Hitting the Appstore on Thursday is the new Comedy Movie canvas, and only a few days after the Summer Games one came out (we are being spoilt?) The SWYS Team on Twitter have posted a teaser and straight away I can see Anchorman, American Pie, Airplane and a few more…

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Say What You See: Blockbusters

Already the guys at @SWYSapp are readying the next canvas, with blocksbuster films being the subject. Look forward to clues based around big films across the decades. It’s about time we had another movie canvas to drool over. Look out for this soon! Update! (03/11/11) I’m up nice and early …

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Say What You See: Answers

I’m a big fan of the ‘Say What You See’ app. So much effort has clearly gone in to each canvas, and they are all perfectly cryptic enough to never be too easy. The aim of some of my previous posts is to help when the canvases get really tough, …

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