Video: Goodbye Nicki Otter

The first video I made was for Nicki Otter. She’d been at EIS for a number of years in various roles so knew people from most departments. A colleague asked me to help create a video of people saying goodbye, and then mentioned a musical idea whilst we were getting …

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Pikerloo Videos

In between playing apps and booking my trip to The States; I like to make videos. I’m fairly amateur right now, but improving with each new project. Most of these have been goodbye videos for colleagues leaving – something a little different than a Moonpig card and a handshake. You …

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Say What You See: Sitcoms

It’s already the end of February! On Thursday we are due a new canvas in the shape of ‘Sitcoms’. Here are the sample ones from the last canvas to get you started… 1. Pheonix Kights 2. Father Ted 3. Alan Partridge 4. Scrubs 5. Black Adder Enjoy the sitcom app!

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