Day 9: Orlando to Richmond

Day 9: Orlando to Richmond

Luckily we had a good night’s sleep as today was mostly 12 hours of driving to Richmond, Virginia. We figured that if we were willing to spend a day on the road then weather permitting we could spend time in Washington.

During the night, I’d spotted a guest in our room; a fookin massive cockroach. I decided not to wake Stew, which was a good choice as he said he would have shit himself.

The bugger must have been strong as he got out from under the cup I’d trapped him in and surprised Stew in the bathroom – which was probably the best place to do it given his previous comment.

After another 3 course $3.99 breakfast we hit the road – literally one road; the I95 for 600 miles. We keep stops to a minimum but pull in for a bathroom break at a place that looks like they’d bum you and make you in to burgers. Again, Stew is keen to stay and see what happens but we get back in the car and notice 5 cats randomly walking by the entrance. I’m sure I heard a banjo playing.

Unlike UK services where they are one building with 2/3 choices for food every 30 miles or so, America has similar practically every mile. You could pick any brand of fast food, and find it within 5 miles at one of the interstate exits.

We reach Richmond at 8ish – quick meal and bed.

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