Day 6: Atlanta to Orlando

Day 6: Atlanta to Orlando

An early start kicks off our 7hr drive down in to Florida. This was hindered slightly by some other residents of Motel 6 having a party at about 3am.

We left a bit later than scheduled to make sure we were well rested, and exited Atlanta. We knew we had so much more to see, and definitely recommend a visit if only for the pandas.

The drive was straightforward with a host of typically American billboards to keep us entertained. South Georgia promoting roadside stripper venues (open from noon) and Florida’s ‘pro-life’ banners than tell you every mile that a baby has a heartbeat at 18 days.

We stop at a national chain 4 hours; Arby’s, which is perhaps the only venue in The States without wifi.

Another Motel awaits us in Orlando on International Drive, which is a bit of a tourist strip with bars, restaurants, fair grounds and oddly something called the CSI Experience.

Soon after check-in we head to today’s activity (it’s not all driving) at Auburndale Speedway for ‘Crash-a-rama’. This is a small town racetrack hosts crazy races in junk cars watched by locals. One actually told us that they are all Red Necks, and believe us; it was fairly obvious after just seeing the number of pickup trucks in the car park.

Despite the stands made of rotting wood, they held up some of the state’s widest folk (and we mean WIDE). The show included backward racing, chain racing, buses, stunts and all manner of carnage.

My favourite part was ‘The Gauntlet’ – an armoured bus trying to complete 8 laps while 4 cars try and stop it. All of the races were pure madness and most left car debris across the track to the delight of the crowd.

Another long day, and tomorrow; Universal Studios!

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