Day 5: Atlanta

Day 5: Atlanta

A big day for us – the first where we’ll be sleeping in the same place we woke up. Motel 6 did a great job despite our window overlooking 10 lanes of interstate. Maybe it was the overload of beef from Vortex last night, but we slept soundly.

Today’s plan was simple; pandas and roller coasters. We’d planned a trip to Atlanta Zoo then along to Six Flags in the afternoon.

Once again the temperature was high as we took in giraffes, snakes, a rhino, kangaroos… But easily the best sight was the pandas. The zoo had 3, and we’d arrived at feeding time meaning that despite the hyperactive school kids we got to see them all. Although pandas add little to the environment and cost millions to look after; the do look so cute!

After a bit of time killing in Walmart, we headed across to Six Flags for their Halloween night. A mix of new and old roller coasters in the dark gave a decent thrill – the new ones for height and speed and the old ones for throwing you all over the cart on fairly dilapidated wooden structures.

Six Flags has many themed rides – Batman, Superman etc, but beyond the paint jobs, this has nothing to do with the characters. Batman was much like Nemesis and Superman like Air at Alton Towers. All fairly small queues to the point we walked straight on to 2 rides.

Six Flags isn’t huge like Universal or Disney, but neither is the ticket price. The Halloween element comprised of several bursts of smoke, staff dressed up and a haunted house ride. We’re confident that Universal Studios horror night on Sunday will make this look like a trip to Asda.

We get back to Motel 6 at 10pm, although a long and busy day we need an early start tomorrow to get to Orlando.




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