Day 3: Richmond to Charlotte

Day 3: Richmond to Charlotte

We’re starting to get the hang of American living now – everything is BIG; roads, cars, portions, people. Take the interstate as an example – each lane is easily 50% bigger than the ones on our motorways, and every exit has a plethora of eating chains and motels. We woke up in a Super 8 today, which cost all of £30 – so a smokey room was expected… The flea – perhaps not!

After dodging the hotel breakfast and Stew taking one last beating from last nights hot wings challenge, we headed south towards Charlotte.

On route we stopped off in Durham, North Carolina for a rest and to try another Man v Food recommendation – Wimpey’s Grill and its famed ‘Garbage Burger’. This establishment was little more than a shack in a car park with no seating and a window that serves standard American fast food. Stew dives straight in for the Garbage Burger – 2 hits of beef, cheese, egg, pickles, onions, coleslaw dropped in between a bun. I opted for the less adventurous (and less extreme) Carolina Hot Dog. We ate off the boot of the Mustang in the scorching heat.

Pushing onwards, we arrives at Charlotte at about 4pm. We were instantly shocked at how city-like Charlotte was with towers that could easily pass as a portion of New York’s skyline. The shock was then extended as right next to one of the towers was our hotel. The City Inn takes its look straight from the motels in horror films, but for one night it’d do.

A short stroll in to the city gave another revelation – it was empty! The city is new and a big financial hub, but it empties after work hours and many restaurants and bars close in the afternoon. Even Hooters was quiet (we had to go in and check!)

After finding some decent North Carolina food, and a micro-brewery we kicked back and watched the baseball before an early night back at the motel from Psycho.



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