Say What You See: Horror Movies (iPhone)

Say What You See: Horror Movies (iPhone)

I swore that when I became an iPhone owner that I wouldn’t cram my device with rubbish apps. 3 months later and I have several screens of terrible nonsense (including 4 ‘games’ folders).

The latest is a fairly good game; ‘Say What You See: Scary Movies’ which is equally annoying since I was up till 1am trying to get all of the answers. You need to guess correctly 50 horror films based on a clever piece of art. It is absolutely doing my head in – and so far I have the following answers (feel free to use for hints and tips);

EDIT! Thanks Chris for helping, I now have them all:

EDIT (May 2011): Just realised that the newer versions of the app have the answers in a different order! This might take a while to correct, but feel free to use the list to get clues in the meantime.

1. Scanners
2. The Blair Witch Project
3. The Exorcist
4. Shaun of the Dead
5. The Devil Rides Out
6. House of Wax
7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
8. An American Werewolf in London
9. Rosemary’s Baby
10. Evil Dead
11. The Thing
12. The Hitcher
13. Let the Right One in
14. The Human Centipede
15. Cabin Fever
16. Alien
17. Candyman
18. The Omen
19. The Wicker Man
20. Basket Case
21. The Lost Boys
22. Pan’s Labyrinth
23. Child’s Play
24. Last House on the Left
25. Hostel
26. Dawn of the Dead
27. Carrie
28. The Shining (really!)
29. Fright Knight
30. Jaws
31. Cloverfield
32. The Eye
33. Scream
34. Dog Soldiers
35. The Children of the Corn
36. The Mummy
37. Saw
38. Pet Sematary
39. Psycho
40. Sleepy Hollow
41. Black Sabbath
42. 28 Days Later
43. Angel Heart
44. The Descent
45. A Nightmare on Elm Street
46. Friday 13th
47. Blade
48. The Sixth Sense
49. The Fly
50. The Ring

Now I’m done with Scary Movies – on to Books2Film

Phew! Can’t wait to the next one. If you like the SWYS stuff, check out my first Name That Film picture.

NEWS! Check out the SWYS competition – you could win YOUR FACE on a canvas or an iPad 2!

Horror Film App

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69 thoughts on “Say What You See: Horror Movies (iPhone)

    • Hey does anyone else have the Game Centre for the iPhone because I still need the achievement “28 weeks later- one for people who gets really stuck on the Scary Movies iCanvas”

      Also does anyone want to post a picture circling all the places you find the hint coins?

  1. dear sir or maddame i have just played this application and
    used your website as a resource. number 29 a.k.a ‘fright knight’ is
    spelt incorrectly. the correct answer is Fright night thankyou for
    your cooperation.

  2. You’ve missed one out, the only one I need to complete it! Does anyone know what the fly near the house is?

  3. 1 min after posting that last comment I got it… Never heard of ‘the fly’ though I had watched all the others. Plus, Shaun of the Dead is a comedy :s don’t know what it’s doing on this game.

  4. what is the dude with a razor with the dead dude on a chair in front of him…? and the lady, with the number 11…? x

  5. I personally thought that ‘The Shining’ wasn’t very clear, ‘Shaun of the dead’ and ‘Blade’ weren’t either.
    If you haven’t watched alot of horror I think this would be a difficult one x

  6. what is the gravestone that reads ‘here lies ekievel’ ? the only one i dont have, i thought it was daredevil because of evil kenievel (evel ekievel) but i have tried that and i get orange, i have tried ‘dare devil’ and ‘the dare devil’ and ‘daredevils’ but all i get is orange, i have tried googleing the film and it is spelt daredevil according to IMBD. any help would be massively appreciated. 😀

  7. OMG this was soooo hard, i gave up after 18! i think a film day is in need! thanks for ur help 🙂 x

  8. Ahhhhh! So it is!! Thank you!! No its not obvious (looks like me before coffee in the morning, so not obvious but accurate maybe lol), but I dont think many of them are. Fun though!
    Thanks again!

  9. what’s the man who looks like robin hood with the pirate and the fairy girl? next to the children of the corn.

  10. Here’s the right order
    1 4. Shaun of the Dead
    2 50. The Ring
    3 48. The Sixth Sense
    4 49. The Fly
    5 47. Blade
    6 3. The Exorcist
    7 46. Friday 13th
    8 45. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    9 44. The Descent
    10 43. Angel Heart
    11 42. 28 Days Later
    12 41. Black Sabbath
    13 40. Sleepy Hollow
    14 39. Psycho
    15 38. Pet Sematary
    16 37. Saw
    17 36. The Mummy
    18 35. The Children of the Corn
    19 2. The Blair Witch Project
    20 7. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    21 34. Dog Soldiers
    22 33. Scream
    23 32. The Eye
    24 31. Cloverfield
    25 30. Jaws
    26 1. Scanners
    27 29. Fright night
    28 28. The Shining (really!)
    29 27. Carrie
    30 26. Dawn of the Dead
    31 25. Hostel
    32 24. Last House on the Left
    33 23. Child’s Play
    34 22. Pan’s Labyrinth
    35 21. The Lost Boys
    36 20. Basket Case
    37 19. The Wicker Man
    38 18. The Omen
    39 17. Candyman
    40 16. Alien
    41 15. Cabin Fever
    42 9. Rosemary’s Baby
    43 6. House of Wax
    44 13. Let the Right One in
    45 11. The Thing
    46 10. Evil Dead
    47 8. An American Werewolf in London
    48 14. The Human Centipede
    49 5. The Devil Rides Out
    50 12. The Hitcher

  11. Hi! Needed 3 more answers so now complete thanks to your help. But it’s bugging me that I still can’t work out why a gravestone with ‘here lies ben grimm’ on it leads to the answer ‘the thing’… Any offers?!?!

    • I think that Ben Grimm is the real name of ‘The Thing’ from Fantastic 4 (the rock-like character). Hope that helps!

  12. hi i cant find the picture for SCREAM can anyone help, i have 49 and i have pressed my screen all over n not finding anything x

    • If you click on the ‘?’ on the top left, it gives you a list of all of the clues, simply scroll to the empty one and it will take you to it on the screen.

  13. heyy sorry i may sound abit think :/ but what is the 6 in the square on the calander. 49/50 help pleaseee, thank youuuu:)

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